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Smart Shopping Guide:

Save Time and Feel Good About Where You Spend Your Money

Some people love shopping and others hate it with passion. Regardless of what camp you fall into with shopping, it is necessary. You have to eat and brush your teeth, right? It's hard to eat without food; it's difficult to brush your teeth without toothpaste. There is a  smart way to bend the curve on essential shopping and feel good about where your dollars are going.

Shop Smart: Commit to four businesses only. 

1. For food I frequent a local discount grocery store. It makes my heart happy to support this family-owned store because I want the dollars to stay in the community. Plus, I save tons of money shopping here. My kids love their snacks and they carry grass-fed beef, local eggs, and coffee roasted in the store. You might not have a local store in your area, but do you have an Aldi or WinCo? In my opinion, a bag of chips is a bag of chips. Why pay $2.99 when you can pay $.67 for the same bag of chips? 

2. I also visit Target which is right across the street from the discount grocery store. That saves me gas and driving time too. I pick up whatever I can't get for non-perishable food items at the discount grocer from Target.  This looks like no-sugar-added peanut butter, organic bread, nuts, sparkling water, and sometimes lactose-free milk. I love that Target raising the minimum wages for their workers to $15 per hour! Plus, the Red Card covers my sales tax. Sure, Trader Joes have those specialty items we love. If I need one of those items, I skip Target that week. 

3. My third stop is actually online. I place two orders per month from a U.S. wholesale company with a reputation for pure products and unending generosity. They ship the bulk of our household items to our doorstep for free. I used to shop at 9 different stores to get all the items that come from this one company. #timesaver  

 These items include:
  • safe household cleaners
  • hormone protecting laundry items
  • mineral makeup
  • naturally scented hair and body products
  • whole food vitamin/mineral supplements
  • daily antioxidant drinks
  • over the counter/medicine cabinet items
  • clean skincare products
 HUGE BONUS: We earn 25% back in rebate points back on every purchase.  

We love the purity of their products, the safe ingredients, and the results we have with them.

My favorite thing about this wholesaler is the way they give back. Just when I think they outdid themselves with generosity, they surprise me and give more! I always feel good about rounding up my monthly orders to benefit their Foundation. This Foundation built and continues to operate a school in Ecuador, built and fully funded a Sole Hope hospital in Uganda, and is continuing re-building efforts in Nepal after the devastation of an earthquake. They also partner with Hope for Justice and Family Promise--two of my favorite charities. 

4. Someday soon I will have a garden of my own, but until then I volunteer on Saturday mornings with Produce on Wheels Without Waste. 

P.O.W.W.O.W. is a produce rescue organization that sells 70 lbs of rescued produce for $12! Many times the produce is organic. This product comes from a surplus warehouse in Nogales, Mexico on a refrigerated truck. When we volunteer with them for 3 hours we take home our product for free.

When we don't volunteer for free produce, we shop at Sprouts to fill in the gaps. Sprouts is a grocery store chain that opened it's the first store in 2002 here in Chandler, Arizona. They carry the most organic produce for the best price of any store in my area. Plus, their Wednesday double sales day is the bomb. 

Produce consumption is a top priority at our house. The more fruits and veggies we eat, the better we feel. For the most part, I shy away from produce on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list. This is the produce that is typically sprayed with the most pesticides. That list can be found here.

That's it! Four stores to get all we need weekly to keep everyone in this house fed, clean, and healthy.
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