Depleted? Drained? Fatigued?
So yes, I am one week away from another birthday...... 

I like gifts on my birthdays, not necessarily cake. (Not a big fan of frosting.) But next Sunday I AM going to have a piece of cake. And the very next day I am really doing this--->

I am starting a 28 Day Energy Reset.

Which means no cake for awhile....

(Before you exit the screen--this is not a diet.) 

This is a cold hard look at four pivotal areas of life that are sucking the life right out of us:

I call them Energy Vampires

  • Toxic Thoughts: Pretend you just woke up. What is the first thought you hear? Is it a positive thought? 
  • Toxic Food: What is the food you can't get enough of? Does it leave you feeling "fed" in a good way or empty, bloated, inflamed and probably still hungry? There are also hidden vampires in our everyday food like milk, bread and meat. 
  • Toxic Products: This category is hard to illustrate because most of the vampires in plastics, furniture, cleaners, makeup, detergents, lotions, soaps and personal care products are invisible and they wreak havoc over time. However, if you have cleaned with bleach or used aerosol deodorant or hairspray you know how it can irritate your lungs and eyes. You might be surprised what it is doing to your other body systems. 
  • Toxic Habits: These vampires can be people in your life or chronic crutches you turn to. How do you break free from  them for good?
I am currently working on healing an underactive thyroid and my personality leads me to get to the bottom of it. I am the investigate, research-hungry type. So naturally I turned to a book that provided me a way forward.

So Here's My Why for The Energy Reset:

  • I am tired of being chilled, having cold hands and feet and wearing my jacket when others are in tank tops.
  • I am tired of being irritable and short with my family to the point of wanting to hide in my closet. 
  • I am tired of the fatigue after working a full day or doing the weekly grocery shopping.
  • I am tired of waking up with inflammation in my joints after eating junk right before bed.
  • I am tired of the low libido. (yes I said it.) 
Don't get me wrong. I have made major gains with attitude, inflammation, fatigue and libido in the last 4 years. 

Which only came after I did the mind work, made some healthy food swaps and committed to a complete product overhaul at our house. Loads of sanctification and grace, but I still have a ways to go.....

And I thought if I have a ways to go, why not invite others to go with me? Maybe you have a ways to go too?

Maybe the issue isn't your thyroid. Maybe it's another autoimmune disorder like arthritis, lupus, celiac, spondylitis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, restless leg syndrome? There's too many to list.

Maybe the issue is in your gut--the indigestion, the bloating, the heartburn, the extra weight.

Maybe the issue is your mental health--depression, anxiety, panic.

Maybe it's the lack of sleep.
Maybe it's the loneliness.

Maybe it's the stress.

Maybe it's the fear.

Whatever it is it is zapping you of energy! 

This is what I found to be true in my own energy war:

Without energy I cannot take care of me...
I cannot take care of others....
I cannot serve others, because I will not feel like serving.
I cannot create. 

We are called to do all 4 of these things.  

In this group
 we will reset our energy! We will learn alongside each other, hold each other accountable, and celebrate our successes together!

There will be no cost to join the Energy Reset. You can spend literally nothing and complete the challenge. 

However, I will post a suggested materials and supplies list inside the Energy Reset Facebook group if you want to take it to the next level. These are books, products* and materials I will be relying on during the challenge. Almost all of them I have used before with great success.

I will post a focus point for everyday of the Energy Reset. 

I'm also excited about some of the experts and testimonials I am bringing into the group surrounding our four focus areas: thoughts, food, products and habits. They have all lifted me up in these four areas and I know they will do the same for you!

Look for fun giveaways too!

Who's In?

Let's Seek Energy & Pursue it Together,


Click Here to Get my Energy Reset Guide and Register for the Challenge that starts May 4:

*Some of the products I suggest, I will earn a commission on orders that are placed. 


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