New Month; New Mindset!

New Month 

May is the my favorite month.  My birthday was yesterday, my first baby was born in May and I married my best friend in May.

In all honestly I like the fresh start of every month to reset my mind and focus in on growth. That's why I love my Passion Planner because it has a Monthly Reflection section. Right now Passion Planners are 30% off for Mother's Day. Check it out here:

This month is especially important to me because I’m leading some friends through a 28 Day Challenge called….

The Energy Reset.

It starts today! You can do it with us.

We are going to be challenging Toxic Thoughts the next 11 days such as:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “Nobody will follow me”
  • “I’m too fat, I will never lose weight.”
  • “I’ve made too many mistakes.”
  • “I’m going to be broke the rest of my life.”
  • “I don’t have what it takes to do this job.”
  • “My colleagues are way more talented than me.”
  • “I am not worthy of finding a soul mate.”
  • “I am too old.”
  • “I don’t know why I am trying so hard—this isn’t going to work for me.”
  • “If I lose ____, I can’t make it on my own.”

How many of these toxic thoughts have you heard rolling around in your head?

I had my fair share of them too, until 2 years when ago when I found a new way forward….

New Mindset

At that time, I found a friend and mindset coach who helped me realize how my toxic thoughts were poisoning everything in my life.

  • My Faith
  • My Marriage
  • My Parenting
  • My Friendships
  • My Work
  • My Energy

After 11 Days of watching Gwen’s Videos and doing her Mindset Work, I was able to sit down with a blank piece of paper and for the first time in decades draw a map of:

  1. My Purpose

  2. My Future Visions

  3. My Goals to Get to the Future Visions

Instead of trying and failing to live out someone else’s purpose, visions and goals for my life…

And then being perpetually disappointed in myself when I didn’t reach them….

I REDISCOVERED MY OWN INTUITION--that inner voice that speaks to me from the depths of my being!!!

What a gift of clarity that is.

I want that very same CLARITY for you. 

Click this link to register for the challenge via email and get started with us TODAY. 

Bye Bye Toxic Thoughts!



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