Halloween used to mark the beginning of the sick season for us. The temperatures dropped, the candy came out and so did the ear infections, sinus infections, and stomach flu. All of this added up to many, many trips to Urgent Care, sleepless nights, and sick days taken at work and school. 

Now I see Halloween on the horizon and smile--bring it on! We are ready for you. In the last four years, I can count on one hand the times one of us made a trip to urgent care. 

Our preventative wellness system was reinforced when I watched an insightful video by Dr. Edie Wadsworth on this very topic. Edie was a family practice doctor in Tennessee for many years. 

She had some really helpful tips from an M.D. perspective on how to be prepared this winter. 

1. Complete the Stress Cycle

I loved Dr. Edie's explanation of the stress cycle. She said that when we become stressed the most important thing we can do is to complete the stress cycle. 

This means conducting heavy work or physical exercise where we are lifting weight. Bonus points if this work is done outside.

This allows the stress to be moved through our bodies. The last thing we want is for it to take up residence in our bodies.  

Dr. Edie also recommended allowing yourself to feel whatever negative emotion that is stressing you out.  Let it wash over you like a wave instead of eating it, spending it, or scrolling to numb it. This is where a good cry comes in.

One tool that speeds up the processing of emotions is aromatherapy. Dr. Edie pointed to these aromatherapy tools (seen below) as being particularly helpful for emotions. 

2. Cut the Sugar and Eat Whole Foods

Dr. Edie said to avoid the middle aisles at the grocery store. That's where all the processed food is that has been linked to inflammation in the body.

It's also where all the sugar is. Sugar suppresses immune function. Isn't it any wonder why kids get sick right around Halloween? That's when the candy comes out and stays out until Easter. All that sugar works against us in the fight to stay healthy this winter. 

Dr. Edie said to plan your meals around whole foods like lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. Go for those cruciferous veggies--kale, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, and arugula. Back it up with herbs, spices, and the allium family. Love me some leeks!

Dr. Edie also suggested daily doses of this superfruit drink which fights off irritation and swelling in the body. We love taking 2 oz of it in the mornings. It is low in sugar and chock full of antioxidants, which are like soldiers for our cells in the fight against sickness and disease. These packets really bring energy, too. 

3. Stop Poisoning Cells 

Dr. Edie quoted the statistic that the average female is exposed to 300 toxins in their own home per day! This comes in the form of cleaners, skin care products, makeup, even laundry detergent. 

Who hasn't cleaned a bathroom with Scrubbing Bubbles or Kaboom and walked out needing an oxygen tank?

The compound effect of this over time is dirty cells. All these toxins seep into our cells and prevent them from doing what they are supposed to do. This can lead to autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto, PCOS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and even Cancer when our cells literally cannot keep up with filtering all the junk out. 

Even Asthma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and ADD are beginning to be linked to toxic overload in our environments both in utero and after birth. 

Dr. Edie recommended protecting yourself by swapping out toxic cleaners, soaps, and detergents with a plant-based one. The products we use (seen below) are super affordable and concentrated for multiple uses.

In her closing words, Dr. Edie suggested finding a meaningful project to focus on this winter. Even better if it involves outdoor time. 

What does that project look like for you?

One project I will be completing soon is my Be Healthy--Feel Good (60 Day Program). This is the program I have used to drop 20 pounds, cure canker sores, stop chronic infections, and get my energy back after birthing and breastfeeding 3 children in 9 years.  It is also the program I used to start talking to myself like a trusted friend, fix my scarcity mindset, and stabilize my hormones and emotions. The waitlist opened up for that program Nov. 1. You can read more about it here. There are some pretty amazing turnaround stories!

Have a splendid day!


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