Foods for Weight Loss


Weeks back in the Facebook group we talked with a Naturopath Dr. Peter Raisenan about healthy foods to start losing weight. 


The best foods for weight loss and overall health promotion include:


1) Leafy Greens like spinach, kale, and romaine lettuce.

2) Cruciferous Veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and leeks.

3) Starchy Vegetables like yams and sweet potatoes.

4) Cooked Mushrooms 

5) Legumes, lentils, and peas

6) Nuts and Seeds sprinkled on salads


He also suggested following a paleo or keto diet that incorporates a lean protein source 1-2 times per week. This could include


7) Lean game meat 

8) Wild-caught fish

9) Organically fed poultry


Oftentimes, switching to a more plant-based diet leaves one with vitamin deficiencies over time. This can look like fatigue, cracks in the corners of the mouth, and weak hair and nails. 


That is why we have incorporated a whole-food-based bioavailable supplement into our daily supplement routine to make sure we are getting the vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics we need. 


Here's what a few friends are saying about the supplement we take:


“This was amazing for me postpartum with bubba no. 2. I couldn’t believe the immediate deep nutritional support I felt and the energy!! I felt so nourished.” 


“These little handy, dandy packets are packed with so many vital vitamins and minerals (including Zinc)! It is easy, handy and you don't have to think about it! It is a must for Immune system support right now!!”


“Zinc has been found to be really important to support immunity.. I got a box for free with my points and after 3 days I felt so much more energy, that I knew this would be a monthly thing.”


Dr. Peter also walked us through a list of the 8 foods to avoid for overall health and weight loss.



Avoid these foods for weight loss and overall health:


1) BBQ Grilled Meats

2) Fried Foods

3) Baked Grainy Foods

4) Olive Oil heated to High Heat

5) Dairy Products including milk, yogurt, and cheese

6) Refined Grain Products 

7) Diet Sodas

8) Refined oils like canola or vegetable oil



High Heat Produces Free Radicals


Many of these suggestions have to do with the temperature at which the food is cooked and the oil it is cooked in. 


For example, grilling a chicken breast brushed with olive oil until its blackened produces carcinogenic toxins as a result of the chemical reaction that takes place on the meat. The high heat of the grill oxidizes the olive oil, which in turn produces free radicals that are then consumed by eating the chicken. 


Free radicals in the body contribute to cellular breakdown and over time lead to defenseless cells that are "more susceptible to attack by pathogens and toxins--which is why rates of everything from obesity to cancer and heart disease go up dramatically in populations that consume refined crop seed oils. " (The Energy Reset: Remove the Toxins, Reset Your Hormones by Michelle Brown pg. 97). 


This is also why it's important to focus on foods that are chock full of antioxidants. Antioxidants help flush out free radicals in the body and repair cell membranes. 


Same goes for frying food in vegetable oils. These oils are delicate and should only be served cold in dressings for salads or in cold soups like gazpacho. 


Dairy, Dioxins, and Hormones


Dairy was another hot topic during our discussion. Dr. Peter said that the concentration of toxins called dioxins in dairy products like milk, butter and cheese were remarkable. The concentration of exposure to dioxins through intake of these foods were much higher than what one human would encounter in a lifetime of environmental exposure. 


Dixons have been known to lower reproductive capacity, contribute to epigenetic manipulation and changes to methylation patterns in imprinted genes. See article here:


Dr. Peter also mentioned the hormonal effects that dairy products can have on humans by the introduction of their hormones from cow's milk into our systems through consumption. 


He said, “We make enough hormones, we don't need extra outside hormones to run interference.” 


Ditch the Soda and Donuts


It may come as no surprise that the absolute worst foods for weight loss according to
Dr. Peter is d
iet sodas and processed grainy foods. 



Do You Wonder How Often to Eat for Weight Loss?


To optimize food absorption, capitalize on digestion and induce weight loss, Dr. Peter suggested Time Restricted Feeding. 


This is a process where you only eat during a window of 8 hours per day. This is a great diet for a weight loss fast method. Most people find success when they skip breakfast and focus on lunch and dinner.  He also warned against eating any closer than 3 hours before bed. 


In the Slique in 60 Challenge we are focusing on this time-restricted feeding method for weight loss.


Some of the Challengers have already seen results after 30 Days!! 


In this challenge, I plan all the healthy meals for you for 60 Days. 


I also provide you with recipes and weekly shopping lists for these meals.  


Plus, I spotlight a home product every week and teach you how to read labels to protect your family from harmful ingredients. 


We also share a weekly mindset affirmation and a diffuser recipe. 


It’s basically a peek into my daily and weekly routine. Some of these practices have taken me 20 years to master!


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Slash Your Dollars Spent

Slash Your Dollars Spent
I instituted the Slash Shopping System 4 years ago to save TIME and MONEY.

TIME: Last week we talked about the time savings of shopping at  3 Stores ONLY! 

I limit my weekly/monthly shopping trips to a local grocer, Target and my preferred online household products company. 

Not only do I save time with this method, I save money and cut back on fuel and packaging waste. 

I used to shop at many different online stores for my makeup, pet treats, skin care, hair products, deodorant, sunscreen, insect repellant, shower and bath items, supplements, organic granola, tea, gluten free flour, toothpaste and cleaning products. Some of these stores included Amazon, Sephora, Beauty Counter and Thrive Market. Nothing against these retailers--I just love the economics and convenience of receiving all of my household items delivered to my door in ONE BOX from ONE COMPANY that I TRUST. The products I get from this company are safe! Which means I don't have to apply Filter 1 (see below). It's already applied. 

The rewards with this company are beyond generous. I earn an average of $200 of free products every month, collect $150 in Rebate Points to spend later and save 25% off retail prices on products I am going to buy anyway. Today I bought Oolong Cacao Tea with my points! I'm a certified tea snob. 

I used to feel bad when we received all the Amazon shipments and our garage stall was half-full of cardboard boxes--sometimes with only one bottle of supplements coming in a big box. Now our products come in ONE box.  Amazon never matched the 25% off--even with Subscribe and Save. No mention of Rebate Points either from Amazon.

MONEY: The other part of the SLASH SHOPPING SYSTEM that matters is applying 2 Filters.

Filter 1 is your product belief system.

What factors influence your purchase decisions? This comes down to your non-negotiables. I will give you a few examples at our house:

  • Tortilla chips--we no longer purchase tortilla chips that have been processed with canola oil. Canola oil has been proven harmful to endocrine glands like the thyroid. Since I'm currently dealing with thyroid issues, I am no longer buying products with canola oil. We also look for organic corn and non-GMO corn for the same reasons.
  •  Peanut butter--I look for peanut butter that is 100% peanuts on the label. There is no reason to add sugar or palm oil to peanut butter. It tastes more like peanuts and less like the inside of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup this way. If I want Reese's I just buy them.
  •  Produce--we also shy away from the Dirty Dozen and buy these fruits and veggies USDA Organic. If it's not on the Dirty Dozen list I buy non-organic. An example would be raspberries. They aren't on the Dirty Dozen list, so I buy them non-organic in both fresh and frozen variety. Here's a link to the Dirty Dozen list:
  •  Body Care--we no longer purchase items that contain Fragrance on the label. This goes for laundry soap, hand soap, lotion, hair care, makeup, bar soap, body wash and deodorant. Anything with fragrance or parfum on the label gets the boot. Here is why: If companies can't come clean about every single ingredient in their product, I don't vote for them with my hard-earned dollars. 
Filter 2 is the /. 

Yes, I am referring to that oblique stroke between dollars and ounces on most store shelf labels.  Once I started utilizing the calculator on my phone and looking for the / I started saving serious money.

  • Did you know that buying 2-12 count egg cartons is less money per egg than buying 1-18 count egg carton? Yep it is. Do the math next time.  
  • When was the last time you paid attention to the $/oz on tortilla chip bags? If you eat as many organic, non GMO corn chips as we do, you may start paying attention to that. 
  • How about peanut butter, jelly, applesauce, sparkling water, milk, yogurt? All of these liquids utilize the slash too.
  • What scent of body lotion is my family going to like best? Since Filter 1 has already been applied for the products at my preferred online store, I apply Filter 2 and go with the cheapest price per oz before I place it in my online cart. Lavendar Body Lotion for the WIN! Everybody loves it.
Let's review this simple system:

1. Choose your items in contention for purchase based on Filter 1 (Belief System);
2. Then Apply Filter 2. The Lowest $/oz is the item that goes in your CART!

I truly hope this is helpful and saves you TIME and MONEY.

Next week, I am going to talk about how I am still refining this system. I will be on the hunt for a local butcher who sells grass-fed beef this week, as well as picking up my first Bountiful Basket in YEARS! 

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This week let's talk about saving money.

Here are a few ways