Irritable? Overwhelmed? Stressed?
Whoa! I don't know about you but there are some BIG FEELINGS floating around at our house this week. 

Going on Week 5 of NO SCHOOL-- with no end in sight. 

Both Mitch and I are working from home. Super thankful for that, but the WiFi is screaming for mercy.

Trouble is the BIG FEELINGS aren't just coming from the kids......ya know what I mean?

A wise man once said "all fear stems from a lack of control." 

And pretty much every human is keenly aware of how little control they have right now.

Last night, I had to give myself a pep talk and remind myself that there are 4 areas of my life I still have control over:

1) My Mouth  

I have power over what goes into it:

If I eat mac and cheese for lunch for the next 30 days can I really expect to feel good? When I eat enough fruits, veggies and fiber my digestion is consistent and I think with clarity. I know I need protein for lunch. When I eat protein at lunch I can stay away from the sugar at 3 pm. If I don't stay away from the sugar, my immune system gets surpressed. That is the last thing I want right now. I also choose to take my supplements everyday, which makes a big difference in my energy level and my immunity as well. Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc are all crucial RIGHT NOW. 

I have power over what comes out of it:

I listened to a fabulous IGTV Video from Brendon Bruchard the other day about NOT COMPLAINING. Even though it is a global pandemic and an election year, if I commit to describing--not complaining--I will not go down rabbit holes of emotional expenditure that only serve to unduly stress me out. 

2) My Eyes & Ears

I have the power to shut the TV off, stop scrolling news on Facebook and refrain from listening to the News on Alexa or the radio. I find myself to be more anxious the more news I try and consume at this point.

I also have the power to tell my kids NO when it comes to TV, YouTube and Tik Tok.

You're welcome for the permission to do the same.

3) My Nose

I have the power to make a mental reset and use my nose to do so. I know it only takes 22 seconds for the molecules from pure essential oils to impact my limbic system--the emotional switch board of my brain. Here are 3 ways I do that:

  1. Turn on a diffuser at my workspace with my favorite essential oils to reduce my anxiety.
  2. Head outside to the patio to take a moment to breathe and smell the orange blossoms blooming.
  3. Head to the bathroom, lock the door, roll on my favorite essential oil blend behind my ears, under my nose and on my wrists when I am feeling overwhelmed.
4) My Touch

I have the power to diffuse a tense family situation with a hug rather than terse words or harsh correction right now. These are unprecedented times for ALL OF US. We are all feeling our way through this with no prior experience and no instruction manual. So extra grace and more snuggles may be the answer for right now.

Which one of these four do you need to focus on tomorrow?

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Seek Peace & Pursue It With Abandon,


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